Version 1.8 of LSX, our free WordPress theme, is finally seeing the light of day. We’ve added a suite of new features as well as usability improvements, and have added a range of extensions that you can buy to add rich functionality to an already awesome theme.

The theme and extensions are as follows:

  • Core Theme
  • Banners
  • Currencies
  • Customizer
  • Mega Menus
  • Team
  • Testimonials
  • Login

We’re very proud of the design process we undertook for some of the backend pages for LSX. Specifically, we built a welcome page for the theme that helps our users to find links to the extensions, documentation and premium support. Take a look below at the wireframes and the final products.

The “Welcome Page” Wireframe
The "Welcome Page" Realized
The “Welcome Page” Realized

Another usability improvement to the theme in 1.8 is that all the settings for the various extensions can be found at the main settings page, whereas before some of them had been split out into their own menu items in the backend left-hand-side menu.

The new Theme Settings page
The new Theme Settings page

Full 1.8.0 Changelog

* Made LSX compatible (visual) with Ninja Forms

* Made LSX compatible with LSX Blog Customizer (plugin)

* Made LSX compatible (visual) with LSX Banners new feature: background videos

* Spinning preloader: added an option to enable/disable it in WP Customizer

* Customizer Colors: fixed/implemented several CSS/SASS selectors

* Main menu: made highlight items use button CTA colours

* Main menu: small caret style fix for wider menu items

* Main menu: float to right always the last menu item with dropdown

* Top menu: implemented style for WPML (plugin)

* Top menu: added the social icons as social menu at the bottom

* Breadcrumbs: small fix in visual

* Search results: small fix in visual

* Blog/archive sticker (featured): small fix in position

* Improved the mobile navigation and header display

* In excerpts (only in posts lists), allowed these tags: <blockquote>,<p>,<br>,<b>,<strong>,<i>,<u>,<ul>,<li>,<span>,<div> (all others will be removed)

* Made some fixes for W3C HTML validation

* Removed TGM (plugin) feature

* Changed the site width (WordPress variable) from 750 to 1140

* Customizer Colors: print the custom styles in <head> (moved from <body>)

* Customizer Colors: improve the performance in front-end

* Customizer Colors: implement the CSS inline using SCSS

* Code sniffers: Travis CI configured

* Code sniffers: fixed the code sniffers alerts (basic alerts)

* Badges: added two badges (Travis CI deploy; Gulp.js)

* Updated WooCommerce assets to the latest version (version 2.6.4)

* Updated FontAwesome to the latest version (version 4.6.3)

* Updated Bootstrap to the latest version (version 3.3.7)

* Added in a lsx_get_template_part function, which check for templates in a plugin before it loads the usual templates

* Added in a lsx_sidebar_enable filter so that plugins and child themes can disable the sidebar by force if they need to

* Parallax banner: fixed parallax effect (doesn’t run it when don’t exist a image and container)

* LSX Banners: making LSX compatible with new LSX Banners slider

* Enabled extra attributes (srcset, sizes) in img tag (add_filter: wp_kses_allowed_html)

* Uses the theme version to add the styles and scripts resources

* Removed WP Customizer prompt for empty main navigation

* Moved Customizer Colors to a plugin (LSX Customizer)

* Made theme and Give core and recurring donations compatible

* Increased the limit from pages to display in sitemap

* Adjusted LSX border button size

* Created a welcome page

* Added a new menu option: top menu (left)