LightSpeed is proud to announce that the latest version of our WordPress theme, LSX, has been updated to version 1.2.5. Read on to learn about some of the exciting new features and changes this update brought.

Responsive improvements

The header and footer areas have been made fluid and now respond to the size of the viewport rather than to a grid. The logo size has also been amended.

As an interesting aside, the mystical golden ratio was referred to in order to figure out optimal sizes of elements in relation to each other, such as the logo, menu and content area.

The improved responsive header
The improved responsive header

New menu

A new “Top Menu” can now be shown, which appears above the primary navigation menu. The top menu has functionality to show icons for maps, email and contact information, as well as a CTA button. There is also an SMS button that appears in the Top Menu only when viewed on mobile devices. Top Top Menu can be changed in the customizer to either stick or hide on scroll.

The new Top Menu in action

Colour scheme updates

Colour schemes have been updated so that they display correctly in line with the new features in 1.2.5.

The Colour Scheme options in the Customizer screen
The Colour Scheme options in the Customizer screen

New page template

A new page template, “Metaplate” has been added. This page template allows the user to call the id of a metaplate and display it on a page with a different header (no menu) and footer (no widgets), and a full-width wrap, giving the metaplate contents front-and-center attention

Under the hood

Unused JS and CSS files have been removed, improving site load-time and, in turn, both user experience and SEO.