We’re proud to announce the release of LSX 1.6.0 which comes packed with improvements and new additions. It’s available on both GitHub and WordPress. Read on to learn more about the changes in the latest version.

New design for blog archives and single

We’ve added in UI support for various post formats, using icons and other style factors to clarify whether a post is audio, video, image, link, quote, aside (like a post excerpt) or standard. These can be seen in the screenshots below.

New and improved post formats

We’ve reworked our designs for the display of different post formats in both archives and singles. Archives and single posts now neatly display whether the post is a Quote, Link, Audio, Video, Gallery, Aside, or a regular post type. Posts without excerpts have also had a rework.

Updated banners

We’ve updated the banner code across the site. Their new dimensions are 1440 x 400, making them take up less vertical space than before, allowing for a bit more copy before the fold. The homepage banner has been coded to always fit to the browsers size, taking up the full height of the screen dynamically.

Better Sensei integration

Proper integration with our favourite education plugin, Sensei, has always been a priority with each new release of LSX. The dividers between “Lessons” are now properly styled when using LSX and pages now correctly shower the proper page hierarchy in the breadcrumbs on Sensei pages.

Icon sets

We’ve moved from using Genericons to Fontawesome as we wanted a more diverse range f icons to choose from for LSX.

WPML Integration

We’ve re-checked our compatibility for the awesome WPML plugin for managing multilingual WordPress sites. We’re also featured on the WPML site as a compatible theme

New and improved animations

The parallax scroll effect on the homepage banner has been improved, moving more smoothly now and not jumping around when scrolling on mac devices that use accelerated scrolling.

We’ve implemented better animations for Bootstrap Carousel when used with LSX.

There is also a new global loading icon that shows between page loads. Pages are displayed only when they are fully loaded, rather than different elements appearing as they’re loaded and shifting the page layout around.

New menu location

We’ve added in a new secondary footer menu location which can be used to display links to pages like terma and conditions, the about page, the contact page and so on.

Other changes

  • Defer parsing of JavaScript to allow visual elements to be loaded first
  • Fixed banner alignment issue in IE 11
  • Soliloquy homepage slider support has been removed

Find our theme on WordPress.org and see a full list of changes in our changelog.txt on GitHub.